” S . T . N . B . “

What is STNB?

S.T. Noodle Bar or “STNB” is a Thai noodle house. Thailand is a bustling country, full of vibrant colors and flavors. We are passionate about our country’s culinary riches and are pleased to share them with you. Along with authentic Thai noodles, we also put our own spin on various staple dishes from Thailand. We look forward to bringing you an exciting dining experience through our unique style and modern touch.

The lineage of S.T. Noodle Bar runs deeper than most people would expect. It is a sister project of the Sweetee Thai (sweeteethai.net) family of restaurants, with more of an emphasis on noodles. We have almost 2 decades worth of professional food experience and have been bringing delicious food mixed with unique surroundings to Southern California foodies since 1996.

Food locals of Long Beach, enjoy our little piece of Thailand!


We are very proud of our offered menu selections. We pride ourselves on not only our signature noodle dishes but also in our various soups, salads, rice & even desserts. Check out our full menu by clicking the button below.